LEADER is a professional manufacturer Backed up by 30 years experience in the tunnel washer For many years now leader has been known for its superior quality, reliability and innovation, all features that are largely incorporated into our tunnel washer product line. These machines, entirely made of sus 304 stainless steel modular sections, are normally employed where high and continuous output is required and hygiene is a must.

LD-1250UB tunnel washer
External dimensions for W x D x H = 8500 x 950 x 1950 mm
Internal usable dimensions for W x D x H=6000 x600 x 600 mm
Loading area
The operator manually loads cages on the conveyor belt . The conveyor is made of stainless steel wire bars and chains with a special design to accommodate IVC cage tops. Special silicone curtains contain and direct any condense given off during wash phase to the extraction point. The unit is designed to be integrated into a vacuum cleaner disposal funnel as a continuous working surface complete with rear allergen control laminar flow hood.

Pre-wash and wash stage
This is performed by means of lower and upper of spray stainless steel nozzles, providing 1400 l/min of hot water at 3 bar pressure!
Refilling water, which is drawn in from the pre-rinse circuit, is heated by a finely electropolished stainless steel steam exchanger. This partially re-circulating system maintains fairly clean wash water whilst minimising running costs.

Blowing and drying stage
A battery of minimum four fans constantly blow and re-circulate hot air through lower and upper narrow slots, exposing the load to a uniform and effective laminar flow. The large volume of air is heated by means of a steam-to-air exchanger made of interwoven tubes.

Unloading area

A suitably positioned emergency push-button stops the machine in case of danger or accident (same as in the loading area). This section is also equipped with a laser sensor overload device which will stop the conveyor
our designers have kept safety and ease of use at the top of their priority list. Features such as emergency stop button at both the load and unload sides, panel safety switches, conveyor overload safety device and electrical box IP 55 rating will give additional peace of mind to the operators.

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