LEADER is a professional manufacturer Backed up by 30 years experience in the Asia area of laboratory, pharmaceutical and medical washing / disinfection. So, LEADER has designed ranges of professional washing machines intended to meet all your requirements.

Laboratory Washer LD-450UB(Lab)
Designed to wash inside narrow necked laboratory glassware using injectors and open glassware using rotary spray arms, the LD-450UB washers utilize spindle header racks allowing water, detergent and acid to be injected into inverted glassware. The wash pump and hydraulic circuit provide a high flow rate and low-pressure delivery for thorough cleaning without breakage of washed items.
Single door version:

  • External dimensions for: W x D x H =880 x750 x 1830 mm
  • Internal usable dimensions for W x D x H =600 x 530 x630 mm
  • Injection of purified water (hot filtered air )into chamber (for drying outside of items)
  • Injection of purified water (hot filtered air) into hydraulic circuit (for drying inside of items)



wash system

  • with direct water injection into the inside of each bottle, giving "laboratory" quality results.
  • Cold water supply Hot water supply Water supply Two independent sensors control chamber water level and prevent overflow .
  • 2 HP with a capacity of 400 l/min
  • For independent selection of temperature for pre-wash, wash and final rinse between ambient and 95°C.
  • 6 kW electric heating elements provide heating up to 95°C.

Control system

  • Control system
  • Universal Programming controlled by microprocessor, individually selected programs available and stored in memory.
  • PLC Controller with touch screen monitor
  • Drying of complete pipe system by hot air from the hot air drying system, works simultaneously as internal drying
  • through jet systemsseparation of internal and external cleaning
  • With automatic actuation when inserting jet racks.
  • Air heating and filter system
  • 4 kW electric heating element for evaporative drying up to 110°C.

Dosing system

  • 2 Chemicals pumps with Liquid level detection
  • Sucking lance with level control and alarm function for
  • Allow for precise addition of either chemical agent for critical cleaning applications.
  • Self-diagnostic monitoring of all functions with audible and visual fault alarms provide quality control to each wash cycle.
  • RS-232 output port
  • Electrical Equipment for Laboratory Use.
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