LEADER is a professional manufacturer Backed up by 30 years experience in the Asia area of laboratory, pharmaceutical and medical washing / disinfection. So, LEADER has designed ranges of professional washing machines intended to meet all your requirements.

LEADER® medical Washer

double door pass through version: 
Automatic powered full glass door
with pneumatic seals, airtight
Dimensions: (W x D x H) (1module)  
External: 1500/1060/1800 mm  (W/H/D). (2700mmwith open door)
Internal Wash chamber : =700/880/890 mm  (W/H/D).

 Function and structure:
High quality material was selected to ensure that the machine withstands the extreme operation conditions. Wash chamber, door(s) and the complete outside panelling of the machine are manufactured of polished stainless steel SUS316. The machine is built completely double-walled(SUS304).The solid structure allows an easy loading from the front. The used synthetic materials areheat resistant against common cleaning and disinfecting agent


wash system

  • The LEADR Medical Washer LD-570Tis equipped with two circulation pumps that provide two
    washing systems:
    - The rotating spray arms with wide jet nozzles for the outside cleaning.
    - By the directly coupled narrow jet nozzles of the basket with the water supply
    Thereby excellent cleaning results are achieved with low water consumption.
    The LEADR draining system guarantees a complete emptying of the tank and of the pumps and there by avoids microbial growth and cross contamination.

Control system

  • easy and user-friendly operation
  • Controller
    User-friendly control concept
    - PC Sirius control based on Windows XP with Colour-Touch-screen
    - Remote diagnosis with Modem
    - Interface for RS 232, SCADA
  • with 15”Color touch screen monitor
  • Rack coding (option)
    All the wash racks are also available by option with magnetic coded. By additionally installing the magnetic sensors in the machine, the corresponding program is automatically selected by the machine. In this way it is not possible, that wash goods are cleaned with an inadmissible wash program.g
m deterdent

Dosing system

  • The LEADR Medical Washer LD-570Tis equipped with  4 Chemicals pumps with Liquid level detection . Sucking lance with level control and alarm function for
    Allow for precise addition of either chemical agent for critical cleaning applications.
    with hoses to the media containers can be rinsed by the program “Rinsing of dosage pumps”. Self-diagnostic monitoring of all functions with audible and visual fault alarms provide quality control to each wash cycle.

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